A company asset is its employees and their skillset.


Distributing knowledge is to support generation of new knowledge.

Software Applications

Our expertise in place for next gen software needs.

Mobile Applications

The most powerful applications start at your finger tips on phone.

Cloud Migration

Less luggage you carry more comfort is the journey.Let us carry.

Software Development

Building applications for the next decade and next generation.

Client Says:

The best thing I like about EpicsAI is that the company and employees are very flexible, bend over backwards to fulfill client objectives.


Without EpicsAI, I would not have not have established my Start up.I was struggling and running in all directions, was fortunate to find EpicsAI's Founders who mentored us and provided a great guidance, otherwise we would have closed our Start Up by now.


EpicsAI has been amazing company which has given me enumerous growth opportunities. During my tenure with EpicsAI, I have got many chances to learn, be creative, innovative and excel.


I enjoy working at EpicsAI for the professionalism in the environment. We are not treated as a number but as a part of the company.

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For next generation software needs and seed investments.


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