EpicsAI LLC provides consulting services to the clients in the following areas to better plan and design the business needs.
> Application Development and Maintenance
> Project management
> Quality Assurance
> Business Analysis
> ERP implementation

Need custom software development?In every project, we start with a blank canvas to know your current and future business needs, and only then we suggest the right tools and staff the project with the appropriate team members that which can include full stack developers automators, and UX/UI designers.
Quality Code Matters for low maintenance costs.All our software engineering solutions deliver functions and features built on business needs , as well as scalable, reliable, and robust.
Our core competency is versatility, any platform, any code, any language, any technology,any methodology.we have the experience, expertise, and technology to build your next application.

EpicsAI's Startup Services team leverages our extensive investor relationships to expedite your funding journey.Not only funding but we also provide the following services
+Assess company valuation
+Forecast market size
+Develop investor milestones
+Mentor and guide through all the 9 steps
+Fulfill Software needs
+Build employee stock option
+Solidify financial projections
+Develop KPIs

Our Consultants provide cost effective solutions to the clients and help them successfully implement their projects and realize their goals. Our teams define a scalable and high-performance architecture and develop the right solution for you. We also provide program and project management experience to manage the process, delivering business solutions on time, with quality and within budget.


A company asset is its employees and their skillset.


Distributing knowledge is to support generation of new knowledge.

Software Applications

Our expertise in place for next gen software needs.

Mobile Applications

The most powerful applications start at your finger tips on phone.

Cloud Migration

Less luggage you carry more comfort is the journey.Let us carry.

Software Development

Building applications for the next decade and next generation.

Lines of Code

Our Projects

At EpicsAI Not Only Change But Also Innovation Is Constant And the Founders Are Tech Savvy Serial Entrepreneurs Always Looking To Create Start ups In Emerging Technologies.

Our Team

Dedicated professionals with experience in building state of the art software solutions and scalable startup solutions.

We provide the Software intellect and guidance to support our startup founders who’ve great innovative ideas.Also fast-track founder’s vision and create value through access to smart capital.

We are a group of professionals highly qualified both education wise and experience wise in the field of information technology and software services. Each of the company's board members is a graduate and also possess certifications recognized by the industry as well as possess more than 15 years of industry experience in handling various projects involving multiple technologies.

-We ideate
-We Build
-We Mentor
-We Fund
-We Innovate
-We Scale

We Develop unique software products and create tech startups.At the same time we also mentor and guide Co-Founders accomplish startup dreams.For the right company we do the seed investement.

Client Says:

The best thing I like about EpicsAI is that the company and employees are very flexible, bend over backwards to fulfill client objectives.

Neesha J

Without EpicsAI, I would not have not have established my Start up.I was struggling and running in all directions, was fortunate to find EpicsAI's Founders who mentored us and provided a great guidance, otherwise we would have closed our Start Up by now.

Bryan M

EpicsAI has been amazing company which has given me enumerous growth opportunities. During my tenure with EpicsAI, I have got many chances to learn, be creative, innovative and excel.

Chris C

I enjoy working at EpicsAI for the professionalism in the environment. We are not treated as a number but as a part of the company.

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